• Transmitters

    VHF transmitters GeolinkX are designed for studies of small-sized species (birds, mammals and reptiles) for short or long term deployments. Glue fixation is commonly used for bats, passerines, reptiles and insects but transmitters can also be fixed to cable clamps or tube adapters for harnesses or collars.

    GeoX - NT1

    Nano transmitter VHF


    GeoTag1: 21 days 200mikrowatt 0,35 g

    GeoTag2: 60 days 200mikrowatt 0,80 g

    GeoTag3: 8 days 400mikrowatt 0,35 g


    New! Upon request, the transmitter can also be equipped with a magnetic start-stop switch.

    GeoX - NT2magnet

    Nano transmitter VHF


    15 cm Antenna

    Magnetic start-stop switch


    Adjustable fixation. Fixing threads break down after approximately 3 months.

    GeoX - VHF collar

    Nano collar transmitter VHF


    Multiple adjustable combinations of transmitters(>10g) according to lifetime and communication range requirements.

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