• LoRaWan Network

    We offer a complete range of equipment and network solutions for all companies and network operators wishing to set up or complete a quality public network.

    We support the gateways deployments in all countries for our costumers. We propose our own management layer LoRa or on open-premises setup with licence for private deployments. This allows an easy and very cost efficient installation.

    The LoRawan network needs to be designed for high availability, high connectivity with end-points, and consistent technical and operational reliability. We help you to optimize your gateway network allows the connection of all your sensors, which can be centralized on e.data Geolinkx platform or on your own server.


    • The LorixOne or similar industrial antennas take over private and flexible public extension networks with some local constraints.
    • We provide data transfer from LoRa gateways through LAN cable or 3/4G connectivity.
    • Using solar energy harvesting in an isolated area, we can help you quickly and simply to deployed all over the world.
    • Our own application layer on open-premises setup with licence for private deployments is now accessible.

    GeoConnect antennas- IBM LRSC antennas
    Public network antennas

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