• Gateways

    The LoriX One station is an intermediate between trackers and the LoRa network. Trackers use low power networks like LoRaWAN to connect to the gateway, while the gateway uses 3/4G or LAN to connect to the e.data GeoConnect platform or on your own servor.


    Moreover, Geolinkx offers several VHF products for transmitter signals' detection

    LoriX One station use Long Range « LoRa » TM technology.

    The gateway is low cost, small, powerful, easy to deploy and can be adapted to all climates with IP65 and IP43 enclosure options. This flexibility makes it possible to use the gateway in several use cases, the Lorix One station is very resilient to external shocks and resists harsh environments. LoRa station allows bidirectional communications on long ranges with several thousands of simultaneously connected modules.


    It is designed for our clients who would like to set up species or objects tracking programs, as well as for service operators in M2M connectivity and IoT who plan the deployment of their own network.


    (WifX Partner certified)


    LoRa / RF system

    8 channels, 49 demodulators @ 863-870MHz
    Sensitivity RX: -140dBm
    TX power: 27dBm
    Semtech approved


    10 / 100Mbps Ethernet
    SD-Card connector to expand internal memory capacity
    USB connector providing a serial interface (configuration, update)


    24V supply by passive PoE

    -30 à +55°C

    Whip and Handheld Yagi directional VHF antennas

    Directional or omnidirectional Yagi antenna allows allows VHF signal amplification in the field.

    • Adapted to signals from weak to strong 
    • Hand-held portable or to be attached to a support
    • removable BNC cable
    • Gamma tuned
    • Folding elements for easy transportation and storage

    Kenwood TH-F7E.

    • Simultaneous 2 frequency RX, even on the same band
    • 0.1~1300MHz high-frequency range RX (Sub B band)
    • FM/FM-W/FM-N/AM plus SSB/CW receive
    • 7.4V 1550mAh lithium-ion battery for 5W output and extended operation
    • 1200/9600bps packet function (ext. TNC)

    Please, feel free to contact us for more information