• IoT Plateform

    IoT simplifies management of your devices through a new generation connectivity platform resulting from a innovative Ecology-Industry partnership

    GeoConnect e.data platform

    Our platform e.data GeoConnect is a fully secured, turnkey solution. It allows you to store all the data from your trackers with a wide choice of different connectivities.


    GeoConnect also allows remote management and programming of your connected modules, as well as real time visualization, processing and export of your online data.

    This open source platform is continuously improved, giving you the possibility to personnalize and share your own dashboards.


    For EOM clients and partners interested in platforms and in separate servers, an owner management system is possible.

    Moreover, we can provide you the access to our own network layer LoRa GeolinkX, using LoRaWan (Low Power Wide Area Network) protocol. The network allows the connection of all your sensors, which can be centralized on e.data GeoConnect platform or on your own servor. GeolinkX LoRa network can be quickly and simply deployed all over the world.

    Please, feel free to contact us for more information